Male Chastity Training

Locking up your partner’s penis is a mutual decision. Both partners in a relationship must consent to male chastity for it to be worthwhile and successful. Most couples believe that as soon as this decision is made, the next steps are quite straightforward. Although they are not wrong in the assumption, it is important to know that male chastity is more than finding the right cage and jumping right into chastity play.

Male chastity training is a relevant part of male chastity. It ensures that both partners can enjoy the full benefits of chastity play and exercise the necessary discipline.

A lot of key holders share stories of how difficult it was at the beginning. The caged lover can sometimes plead and manipulate the key holder to grant him his release. This is against male chastity rules and generally defeats the purpose of the practice.

This is why key holders especially females must learn and also teach control and discipline to their caged man. Male chastity training is the complete solution to achieving a strong foundation for an all exciting long-term male chastity play.

To begin, make sure that everything you do from the point of mutual agreement to the implementation of chastity play screams pleasure, fun, and satisfaction especially for the key holder.
Here are some guidelines to achieve proper male chastity training.

Proper preparation
After agreeing to introduce male chastity to your relationship the next phase is quite simple. You must purchase the ideal male chastity device or cage for your partner. A lot of detail goes into choosing the device and ensuring it works for you. Pick the right size, material, design, and color to add spice to your chastity play.

Male Chastity Training
Get him broken-in
Although your partner might have suggested you put him in a chastity cage, you still cannot expect him to conform immediately to his new lifestyle.

Most men do not understand the consequence of their decision until that moment the lock snaps shut on their cocks. Therefore, it is left for you as the key holder to ensure that he is properly yet softly broken-in.

There are two parts to getting your partner broken-in and these are the physical and emotional parts.
Physical training
The first time your partner wears a chastity device he will experience some physical discomfort. This is to be expected because it is the first time his cock is imprisoned. He will need time and consistency to adjust to wearing the cage most of the time.

You can start off by having him wear it at night or a few hours in the day. Try this for a week and when he seems to have gotten used to it then you can proceed with the next step.
Now make him wear the male chastity cage for a week without any interruptions. No taking it off and of course, no sexual practice.
If your man can complete this test then the physical training is complete and successful.
Emotional training
This is the harder part of male chastity training. It involves emotional preparedness on the part of you and your partner. Ideally, it may be difficult for your caged lover to adapt emotionally just as it proved difficult physically.

Men are structured from their genes to express dominance and being caged by their partner is a direct contradiction of their makeup.
The result of this is the endless begging, whining, and manipulation your man would employ to try to get his release. If you as the key holder are weakened by any of his tactics then there is no need to engage in this play.

Begin your emotional training by setting the rules for his lockup. Establish the fact that he asked to be caged and you both agreed to this.

Start by setting a short duration of his lock-up. After this time grant him his release on your terms. This will help him to witness sooner than later the benefit and relevance of chastity play.
Return him to his cage and extend the time.

If he continues refusing to be submissive, go directly and hand him the keys. If he wants his release there and then, he can have it but that means the end of chastity play. Given this choice, most caged men will return the keys to you and learn proper behavior.

After this, you must take steps to establish your power as the key holder. Give your caged man tasks, rules, and punishments.
Let him serve you in any way you desire while denying himself pleasure. As he continues to bend to your will, your confidence as a key holder grows.

Now, it becomes up to you to direct the relationship as you want. Introduce games, erotic activities, and unpredictable actions.

The joy of chastity play is derived when you have completed proper male chastity training. You will reap great rewards and benefits for doing so.


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